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accommodations in Japan?

In 2008, the number of foreign visitors to Japan reached 8.35 million, but by 2018, that number leaped to 31.2 million. While the number of accommodation facilities in Japan is rising, there’s no denying the fact that they’re lagging behind and booking a room is more difficult than it was before.

To book a room at a reasonable price, try to secure it as soon as possible.

Key points to find a place to stay

Types of accommodation

There are many types of accommodation, such as private accommodations like Airbnb, reasonably priced business hotels, luxury city hotels, guest houses for young people, apartments for single people and serviced apartments.

Accommodation areas

As in all big cities, rent is higher in the city center, but gets cheaper the further you go out to the suburbs. But what may be different from other cities is that, whether it’s Tokyo or Osaka, trains are packed during rush hour, which is 7 to 9am and 6 to 8pm. Many who visit our website have the goal of coming to Japan to attend culinary school, to intern at a restaurant or to buy cooking utensils etc., so we recommend finding housing within walking distance of your destination or in an area where you can take a train without having to transfer.

If you are wanting to travel here and there throughout the city, it would be a good idea to find a place near a terminal station. Convenient locations in Tokyo would be around Shinjuku station, Shibuya station, Tokyo station and Ginza station. In Osaka, find somewhere near Umeda station or Namba station.

Tokyo Metro Subway Map

Osaka Metro Route Map

Peak season

While it depends on where you are staying, in general it’s crowded and the prices are higher during the cherry blossom season from late March to the beginning of April, and the summer vacation season from July to August.

Wi-Fi availability

When you can’t understand the language, the availability of Wi-Fi will determine your level of comfort in Japan. Most hotels have free Wi-Fi, but it’s best to check and make sure.

Short-term visitors

(Less than one month)

Airbnb Japan

Since its introduction to Japan in 2014, Airbnb has become quite popular, especially among foreign visitors. As of June 2019, a total of 73,000 rooms were registered as private homes / rooms, hotels or inns. With such a wide range of prices it’s difficult to generalize the cost, so take a look at the website and search by budget, area or room type.

The official website of Airbnb

Business Hotels

Originally built as hotels for Japanese businessmen on business trips, the rooms are simple and small. Many are inexpensive rooms designed for single travelers. The average price of a hotel in Tokyo or Osaka is around 8,000 to 12,000JPY per night for a single room.

The official website of Dormy Inn

City Hotels

These are large hotels found in city centers. Many have lounges and bars as well as restaurants. In some cases, banquet and ceremonial halls are also available. They may provide access to gym facilities or a pool etc. As well as single rooms, many have twin rooms, perfect for those on vacation traveling as a family.

A single room starts from 20,000JPY per night.

The official website of Hyatt Hotel Group in Japan

Long-term visitors

(One month or more)


Dormitory is recommended for budget travelers. You pay for a single bed and you share the living room and bath room with others.

Shared House

Many have a private bedroom and kitchen, with a shared living room and shower room. Prices range from around 70,000 to 120,000JPY per month and while it’s fun to have house parties and to get to know your roommates from around the world, we wouldn’t recommend this option to those who might be disturbed by the household noises of others.

Sakura House Monzen-Nakacho

Sakura House Hiroo

Private apartments

Studio type apartments are common, with prices in Tokyo starting from 100,000JPY per month. This is a great option for those who value their privacy, but in peak season they book up fast, so we recommend applying as early as possible.

Sakura House Monzen-Nakacho

Sakura House Ebisu 2

Serviced  Apartments

These are high end apartments, many have a reception desk and concierge, with buildings located in an easily accessible part of the city. Starting from 200,000JPY per month, the rent may be higher than the average apartment, but it’s still more reasonable than a long-term stay in a hotel. Not only are there apartments for single people, but also for families and couples.

Somerset Ginza East Tokyo

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