How to find a chef job in Japan

To find a job in Japan, you need a valid work visa.
Please check the following page for information on different kinds of visas.
Visa for culinary jobs

Please check the following page for information on salary rates and rules for working in restaurants in Japan.
before looking for a job in Japan

How to research for chef job in Japan

If you cannot speak Japanese

Job Posting Sites

Although information on job postings can be found on restaurant sites, as well as on Facebook, Twitter, etc., these are usually written in Japanese, so it’s difficult to find a job using English. However, recently there has been a shortage of workers in restaurants and an increase in overseas tourists, which means that even if you can’t speak Japanese very well, the chances of finding a job are pretty good, as long as you have a valid visa to work in Japan.

If you are interested in finding out what kind of jobs are available and what kind of working conditions, the following website may be helpful.

Gaijinpot Jobs / Food and Beverages


Since Nov. 2019, Chefs Wonderland starts food job listing in our website.

If you can speak Japanese

Job Posting Magazines/Websites

Besides the internet, in Japan, job-posting magazines are still very popular. Even high-end restaurants that are difficult to get a place with, will post jobs in these kinds of magazines.

For more details of food job magazine Gourmetcaree

Job Posting Magazines/Websites

Over the last 10 years, more and more foreign workers have been registering with agents, and getting jobs along with free consultations.

For more details of agent ITK

For more details of agent Cookbiz

Career Fairs

If you like meeting people and getting contacts, I recommend joining a career fair.

For more details of a career fair of Gourmetcaree

One Minute Introduction

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