7 reasons to apply schooling through us

Many ask: “What is the difference between contacting a school directly or going through an agent like Chef’s Wonderland?”

There are so many reasons to use our service for FREE!

(1) School Consultation

You can have a free consultation regarding various schools via text chatting, video chatting, or email. You will not be charged for this consultation service that will help you find and enter the right school.

(2) More than 300 chefs from 35 countries

We are experts at supporting overseas chefs.

We started this business based on our wealth of experience from supporting more than 300 chefs from 35 countries, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa etc.

(3) Visa Consultation

When entering a cooking school, the type of visa you need to obtain (Short-term Visa, Student Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Cultural Activities Visa, or a Designated Activities Visa, etc.) depends on which school you plan to attend and the purpose of your visit (whether you only want to attend school or you want to work).

After listening to your needs, we will suggest the most appropriate visa and support your application.

For more details of visa for culinary jobs in Japan

(4) Housing Consultation

Let us know how much rent you can afford, what kind of apartment you want, in what area, and we will give you suggestions on appropriate accommodations.

(5) Orientation in Japan

After you arrive in Japan, we will give you an orientation to give you tips in Japan.

This includes an explanation of what foreign chefs should know when living in Japan. You can ask us any questions you might have, such as how to buy a SIM card, where to buy kitchen knives and cooking utensils, and if there is a hospital where you can use English, etc.

(6) Restaurant Reservations

Studying at a cooking school is one kind of study, going to restaurants is another. If you want to make a reservation at a particular restaurant, we can assist you. (However, if it has a membership system, or is very difficult to reserve for some reason, we may not be able to fulfill your request.)

(7) Japanese Food Suppliers

Students often ask: “After I study cooking in Japan, how do I get the right ingredients in my home country?” We can provide a list of Japanese food suppliers in your home country and other useful information.

Interested in applying through us?