What Kind of Japanese Cuisine Can I Study in Japan?

January 15 2024 Updated

Three years have already passed since Japan immigration enacted border restrictions due to Covid 19. On April 29, 2023, the Japanese government largely abolished those measures, eliminating the need to present a vaccination certificate and a negative covid test when entering the country, allowing people to come and go freely as they did before the pandemic.

Therefore, we would once again like to share the latest information for those of you who are thinking about studying the culinary arts in Japan.

What would you like to learn in Japan?

First of all, Sushi is the most popular dish in Japanese cuisine.

We recommend the “International Sushi Chef Course” (5 weeks) at the Tokyo Sushi Academy or the “Sushi Course” (1 week / 4 weeks / 7 weeks) at the Japan Culinary Institute or Sushi Course at Frontier Zipang is Recommended.

Tokyo Sushi Academy
Japan Culinary Institute
Frontier Zipang


Kaiseki cuisine originated as a way for the host of a tea ceremony to entertain guests, and later developed into a multi-course meal that can be enjoyed with the senses of sight and smell as well as taste.

You can study Kaiseki cuisine by attending the “Kaiseki Course” (1 week) at the Japan Culinary Institute.

Japan Culinary Institute


In the 2010s, there has been a worldwide Ramen boom, and according to one source, there are 6,000 Ramen shops in the United States alone.

You can learn how to prepare authentic Ramen at the Miyajima Ramen School in Osaka (6-day course), at the International Ramen School in Yokohama (5-day course), or Ramen Course at Frontier Zipang

Miyajima Ramen School
International Ramen School
Frontier Zipang


Yakitori, once a dish of the common people of Japan, has evolved independently in Europe and the United States, and is still popular today.

You can study Yakitori by taking the “Yakitori and Chicken Dishes Course” (1 week / 2 weeks) at the Japan Culinary Institute or Yakitori Course at Frontier Zipang.

Japan Culinary Institute
Frontier Zipang


Wagashi sweets are made mainly from azuki beans and rice flour, and are characterized by their soft texture and gentle sweetness. In recent years, Wagashi has been getting more attention from Western confectioners, and an increasing number of chefs want to learn how to make Wagashi and Confectionery in Japan.

a Wagashi course at the Japan Culinary Institute or a Confectionery course at Frontier Zipang is recommended.

Japan Culinary Institute
Frontier Zipang

General Japanese Cuisine

For those who want to learn about all types of Japanese Cuisine, we recommend the “Japan Cuisine Chef Training Course” (7 weeks / 11 weeks / 22 weeks) at the Japan Culinary Institute.

Japan Culinary Institute

In addition, if you would like to learn about a specific dish not yet mentioned here, private lessons are also available, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your visit to Japan!