We support all your culinary activities in Japan!

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We support all your culinary activities
in Chef’s Wonderland, Japan!

Chef’s Wonderland aims to support those who want to learn cooking in Japan, not only for sushi making, but also yakitori, ramen, tempura and all other cuisines. We named this website after what a chef from abroad once told me: “Japan is a wonderland for chefs!”

We hope this website motivates your visit to Japan to learn your new chef skill!

Culinary Schools in Japan

Tokyo Sushi Academy

The first and the most popular sushi school in the world.

Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

An academic program that reflects the latest trends in Japanese cuisine.

Miyajima Ramen School

More than 1,000 graduates from over 50 countries.

International Ramen School

Ramen study program combined with OJT

International Ramen School

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