Osu No Sushi School

Osu No Sushi School is an immersive, master sushi school taught in English, designed for those who want to learn both traditional Japanese methods along with cutting edge fusion sushi.

In a small class setting, over a two month period in beautiful Miyazaki prefecture, you will learn much more than the art of sushi and running a restaurant.

Hands-on experiences and connections on many levels with yourself and others will enrich your lifelong journey. The school cater to all levels and are here to provide ongoing support.

School Type

Private School



Osu No Sushi School
3-3-12 Aoshima Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture

Aoshima, located in Miyazaki City, where “Osu No Sushi School” is situated, offers a host of enticing features.


2-month Sushi Course

Enrollment fee: $500 USD

Tuition fee $7,900 USD

Total: 8,400USD

2-month Sushi Course

In a small class setting, over a two month period in beautiful Miyazaki prefecture, you will learn much more than the art of sushi and running a restaurant.

Course Schedule


May 15th to July 18th
August 1st to September 30th
October 17th to December 17th

Monday to Friday

9:30 – 16:00

*The schedule may change.

What you will learn?
Module 1

Basic Sushi Ingredients and Tools

In this module, you will learn how to select and handle essential ingredients for sushi-making, including seafood, seaweed, rice, and vinegar. Additionally, we will provide detailed guidance on the indispensable tools and equipment, as well as the importance of the sushi chef’s knife.

Module 2

Types of Sushi (Nigiri, Maki, Chirashi, and more)

This module delves into various types of sushi and their unique characteristics. It focuses on the preparation and presentation of different sushi styles such as Nigiri, Maki, and Chirashi, allowing you to grasp the individuality of each sushi type.

Module 3

Rice Selection and Cooking

Sushi rice is a crucial component of sushi. In this module, you’ll learn how to choose the right rice, wash it, cook it, and adjust it with vinegar to create delicious sushi rice. Master the art of making delectable sushi rice.

Module 4

Sushi Techniques and Methods

This module is the core of sushi-making. You will acquire skills and techniques related to selecting, handling, cutting, plating, shaping, and forming ingredients, as well as the art of shaping sushi rice. Develop practical skills as a sushi artisan.

Module 5

Specialty Sushi and Creative Sushi

This module spotlights regional specialty sushi, exploring the unique characteristics and history of sushi from various regions. You will also learn about creative sushi, understanding how to develop new ideas and approaches.

Module 6

Professional Skills and Knowledge

This module is dedicated to honing professional skills as a sushi artisan. Beyond cooking delicious food, it covers knowledge related to hygiene, safety, the fundamentals of restaurant service and hospitality, menu development, and other aspects of sushi restaurant management that students will require for their future.

Module 7

Integration with Japanese Cuisine

This module focuses on the combination of sushi and Japanese cuisine. It emphasizes harmony with Japanese cuisine while teaching other non-sushi menu items. By inviting external experts, you will learn various methods to offer diverse dining experiences.


– Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
– Professional experience in any field are not required
– Applicants must be able to stay in Japan legally during the course period.


There will be an English translator and you do not need to be fluent in Japanese.


Beginners can participate in the course.


2-month Sushi Course

Enrollment fee: $500 USD

Tuition fee $7,900 USD

Total: 8,400USD

Included in the price

-course fees
-course materials
-dormitory expenses (individual responsibility for utilities)
-airport transfers
-a post-graduation training trip
-accommodation (private room)

Not included in the price

-Utilities at accommodation
-Students’ travel insurance
-Personal costs


The certificate will be given to each course upon successfully completed the course with passing grade and 80% of the participation.

At the conclusion of each level, a test will be administered. We will offer guidance and support until you successfully pass the test, even if it necessitates an extension.


Chef Kaz (Kaz Ueda)


Chef Kaz immigrated to the United States at the age of 18 and began his apprenticeship under traditional Japanese sushi masters in Seattle and Los Angeles. He later returned to Japan via Hawaii and commenced his career as an instructor at Osu No Sushi.


– Accumulating further experience since the opening of “Sushi Zo” in Los Angeles, Chef Kaz took on roles as head chef and manager, earning high praise from Hollywood stars and celebrities.
– Awarded stars by the [Michelin Guide], he has been involved in training inexperienced staff in sushi techniques, restaurant management, and has even served as Vice President.
– Through active participation in sushi workshops and events, Chef Kaz has been widely promoting the allure of sushi.

How to apply

To apply the 2-month course, please contact us first!

How to make a payment?

After your application is accepted, the bill will be sent to you.

Please pay with PayPal or a bank account.

You will be responsible for transfer fees charged by the sending and receiving banks.


Osu No Sushi School includes accommodation in the tuition fee, provides private rooms for comfort.


To avoid any troubles regarding accidents or sickness, we ask every student to join travel insurance or employer-sponsored insurance that is valid in Japan.

We look forward to seeing you in Japan!