Learning about Japanese Cuisine: In-Person School in Japan or Online School?

June 12 2024

Due to the weakening Japanese yen over the last few years, foreign visitors to Japan in 2024 are estimated to reach the record number of 33 million. Some people come to Japan to learn about sushi, ramen, and yakitori from instructors at culinary schools, whereas others can find information about Japanese cuisine online or find recipes on YouTube.

It is frequently discussed which is better, brick-and-mortar schools or online schools.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, which is the right option?

First of all, if you come to Japan, known as a culinary nation, you can taste authentic Japanese cuisine, go shopping for cooking tools, or visit the fish market to deepen your understanding of the food culture.

Although you can watch such a content on YouTube videos, mere knowledge does not compare to the actual experience.

In addition, in-person classes allow you to touch ingredients and observe the instructors’ model dishes with all your five senses.

You can see and listen to the lessons at online schools, but unfortunately you cannot smell, taste, or touch the materials. This is the biggest difference between the two types of schools.

Many of those who came to attend schools in Japan also appreciate the post-graduate connections with instructors or friendship with classmates who share the same aspiration. Learning Japanese cuisine with your peers by sharing the time and space will be a treasure to cherish for the rest of life.

What are the advantages of learning at online schools?

On the other hand, the major advantage of online classes is that you can minimize cost and time. For example, if you come to Japan and take a one-month course to learn about sushi, you need to pay not only for tuition but also for flights, accommodations, and living expenses for the month.

For some, it may be difficult to take a month off from work, depending on the timing. It is possible that the schedule offered by the culinary school may not fit yours.

At online schools, you can utilize your free time while working, without physically visiting Japan. All you need to pay is tuition, so it is much more accessible and easier to begin than in-person classes.

Let’s begin where you can

There is no rule or training that you must follow when learning Japanese cuisine. Until a few decades ago, the only way was to work at Japanese restaurants, but these days even first-rank Japanese chefs attend schools or become familiar with the latest trends on YouTube.

To begin with, enjoy cooking in the manner that suits your interest best. You can start by watching YouTube videos and trying it yourself. Once you feel ready for the next step, you can enroll in online schools, visit Japan to attend culinary schools, or use a working holiday visa to work in Japan.

Chef’s Wonderland supports everyone who wants to learn Japanese cuisine.

Below is the information about our partner schools in Japan and online. Please contact us if you a re interested!

In Person Schools in Japan

Frontier Zipang

An innovative culinary school where students can learn practical skills at partner restaurants in Yokohama and Tokyo.

Tokyo Sushi Academy

The first and the most popular sushi school in the world.

Tokyo Sushi Academy
Miyajima Ramen School

More than 1,000 graduates from over 50 countries.

Miyajima Ramen School
Japan Culinary Institute

Japanese culinary training including sushi, kaiseki, yakitori, wagashi and more.

Yakitori & Chicken Dishes
International Ramen School

Ramen study program combined with OJT

International Ramen School
Osu No Sushi School

In a small class setting in beautiful Miyazaki prefecture, you will learn much more than the art of sushi and running a restaurant.

Online School

Master of Japanese Cuisine Academy

100% ONLINE & Personalized Feedback with Certification