Recommended Culinary Schools in Japan

February 9 2022 Updated

The following cooking schools are recommended by Chef’s Wonderland!
Recommended culinary schools in Japan

Founded in 2002, with over 4,300 graduates. Known as the world’s first edomae-style sushi school, this culinary school in Tokyo has taught many foreign students. You can study other kinds of Japanese food as well, not only sushi.

Miyajima Ramen School

Founded in 2001, this ramen school in Osaka is centered on one-on-one lessons. You can re-create the taste of that ramen you like!

International Ramen School

International Ramen School

A ramen school in Yokohama with a popular ramen shop owner as the teacher. Programs that include OJT (on the job training) are well liked.

Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

You can study Japanese cuisine at a 125-year-old, world-famous cooking school.

(Temporarily closed as of 2022)

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