Recommended Culinary Schools in Japan

Jan 15 2024 Updated

The following cooking schools are recommended by Chef’s Wonderland!

FRONTIER ZIPANG WASHOKU CLASS (FZWC) is an innovative culinary school where students can learn practical skills at partner restaurants in Yokohama and Tokyo. The courses start from a 1-week period, in which professional Japanese chefs directly instruct students. Sushi course, izakaya course, and ramen course include unpaid internships and provide an opportunity to engage in the operating activities at Japanese restaurants.

The school also provides a private confectionery course from one-day.

Tokyo Sushi Academy

Recommended culinary schools in Japan

Founded in 2002, with over 4,300 graduates. Known as the world’s first edomae-style sushi school, this culinary school in Tokyo has taught many foreign students. You can study other kinds of Japanese food as well, not only sushi.

Miyajima Ramen School

Founded in 2001, this ramen school in Osaka is centered on one-on-one lessons. You can re-create the taste of that ramen you like!

International Ramen School

International Ramen School

A ramen school in Yokohama with a popular ramen shop owner as the teacher. Programs that include OJT (on the job training) are well liked.

Japan Culinary Institute


Japan Culinary Institute (JCI) is a professional school specialized in Japanese culinary training for international students based on our 40 years of experience in culinary education for international students.

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