FZWC Sushi Course

FRONTIER ZIPANG WASHOKU CLASS (FZWC) is an innovative culinary school where students can learn practical skills at partner restaurants in Yokohama and Tokyo. The courses start from a 1-week period, in which professional Japanese chefs directly instruct students. Sushi course, izakaya course, and ramen course include unpaid internships and provide an opportunity to engage in the operating activities at Japanese restaurants.

The school also provides a private confectionery course from one-day.

School Type

Private School

Sushi / Washoku / Japanese Cuisine / Confectionery

Sushi Course

Course Content

This course takes place at Suzunari, an omakase sushi restaurant in Yokohama. Held near the largest wholesale market in Yokohama, the course enables students to learn how to evaluate ingredients at the market and create authentic Edomae sushi and omakase-style meals.

*The unpaid internship will be offered at a casual standing sushi bar of the same restaurant group.



-How to handle Japanese kitchen knives well

-Training on Makimono (rolled sushi)

-Training on shaping vinegared rice by hand

-Training on the preparation of toppings, fillings, and seasonings for sushi

-Training on handling fish

-Training on the preparation of fish for sushi

-Hands-on training on sushi making

-Training on sashimi

-Training on side dishes

-Going to a fish market with the instructor to make a purchase of fish

-On-the-job training at the stand-up sushi restaurant


Sushi Suzunari

Nagase Takashima-cho Building F2, 51-9, Tobehoncho, Nishi-ku, Yokomaha-shi, Kanagawa, 220-0041, Japan


Shuichi Akiniwa

Experience: More than 40 years

Shuichi Akiniwa is a distinguished veteran in the world of sushi, boasting over four decades of culinary expertise. With a career dedicated to the art of sushi, Chef Akiniwa has held esteemed positions as the head chef in prestigious sushi establishments, including those in Tokyo’s renowned districts such as Ginza and Omotesando.

His mastery of sushi techniques has left a lasting impression, eliciting awe and admiration even from celebrities.

Shin Hasegawa

Experience: More than 30 years

Shin Hasegawa began his journey in the world of sushi as an apprentice in numerous sushi restaurants. After honing his skills through years of dedication, he ascended to the position of head chef at highly regarded sushi establishments in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Today, Chef Hasegawa proudly holds the esteemed role of head chef at the renowned Sushi Suzunari in Yokohama. Moreover, he has made appearances on numerous television and YouTube shows.

Beyond the sushi counter, Shin’s passion extends to the waves. Surfing is his hobby; he’s quite skilled at it.

Course Schedule

One-week Course

*The schedule can be determined based on individual needs, but the basic format provides a one-week course, 4-5 hours a day from Monday through Friday.

Price for one week course

Price for Group Lesson

One-Week Group Course (5 days)

Admission: 500 USD
Tuition: 2,399 USD

Total: 2,899 USD

Price for Private Lesson

One-Week Private Course (5 days)

Admission: 500 USD
Tuition: 2,999 USD

Total: 3,499 USD

Price includes

-Culinary lessons


-English interpreter service during culinary lessons

-Certificate of Course completion

-Visa documents requested by the student

-Support in English during their stay

Price doesn’t include



-Students’ travel insurance

-Personal costs


-Those who can stay in Japan legally during the course.
-Those who are in good health.


There will be an English translator and you do not need to be fluent in Japanese.

No Japanese Language Required!


Beginners can participate in the course.

How to make a payment?

We accept payment only through bank transfer.


We will issue a certificate in English for those who meet the requirements for graduation.


FRONTIER ZIPANG does not own a dorm, so you need to find your accommodation with a hotel or Air BnB.

Since FRONTIER ZIPANG is partnering with the Toyoko Inn Chain that has more than 300 hotel facilities across Japan, you can stay at one of them at a discount price. If you are interested, please contact us before you make a reservation.


To avoid any troubles regarding accidents or sickness, we ask every student to join travel insurance or employer-sponsored insurance that is valid in Japan.

How to apply?

You need to complete an application form with your signature.

Please contact us for more information!

We look forward to your visit to Japan!

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