Shibuya Sky – A New Trend in 2020 is to Overlook Shibuya Scramble Crossing from a 230m High Rooftop Observatory!?

December 23rd 2019

Chef’s Wonderland Japan, as you can tell by the name, usually writes articles about food and cooking. But today I would like to introduce an upcoming tourist spot in Tokyo, which will probably be featured in media in 2020.

Shibuya Scramble Square East Building, a 230-meter-tall complex, opened on November 1, 2019 as the tallest building in Shibuya. Its rooftop observatory is now attracting attention as a new landmark with its various elements of entertainment. As you can directly overlook Shibuya Scramble Crossing, it is expected to be one of the most popular places to visit in the year of the Olympic Games.

Where is Shibuya, first of all?

Shibuya is one of the busiest areas in Tokyo and a center of youth trends, located west of Ginza, Tsukiji, and Asakusa. On AirBnB, Shibuya is a popular area to stay among young people, along with Shinjuku.

Shibuya Location

Where is Shibuya Scramble Square?

Prior to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, various large-scale commercial facilities are being constructed in Shibuya, one of which is Shibuya Scramble Square that opened in November 2019. It is located right across Meiji-dori Avenue from Hikarie, at the east exit of Shibuya Station. The 230-meter-tall complex is also directly connected to the station.

Scramble Square and Hikarie

When Should I Make a Reservation?

The rooftop observatory of Shibuya Sky (called Sky Stage) limits the number of people who can enter every 20 minutes between 9am to 10pm and you can only enter at the time shown on the ticket (Once you enter, you can stay as long as you want). I recommend that you buy tickets beforehand, but you can also do so on the 14th floor when you visit, as of December 2019. On a sunny day, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Tokyo metropolitan area at a height of 230 meters above Shibuya, so remember to check out the weather forecast in the morning!

For your information, Tokyo on average has 40 clear days (approx. 11%) and 220 sunny days with scattered clouds (60%). If the forecast says it will be a sunny day, buy tickets online and head to Shibuya. Admission is 2,000JPY for an adult, but 1,800 JPY if you purchase online.

How Do I Get There?

First, head to Shibuya Scramble Square. It is a high-rise building directly connected to the station.

Find an elevator on the 1st floor and go to the 14th floor. If you need a ticket, get in line at the ticket counter. If you have already made the purchase online, use the QR code from the reservation confirmation at the gate, once your reservation time comes.

The elevator will then take you to the 45th floor without stopping. Use stairs from the 45th to 46th floor and put your baggage in a locker. You can have your cell phone and camera with you. The locker requires a 100JPY coin to lock and the slot is located at the back of the door (the coin will return when you unlock).

Let’s Go to Sky Stage

You will step outside on the 46th floor and take an escalator up to the 47th floor. It is such an amazing experience to stand in an open-air space 230 meters high above the ground, although I was a little scared because of my fear of heights. There are transparent windows as walls, but without ceiling, you are in a big open space. And it is so windy! With a fine weather, you can see Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, and Roppongi Hills. It depends on the weather and the time of day, but you may also be able to see Mt. Fuji. This rooftop observatory is used as a heliport as well.

Overlooking Shibuya from 230m above the Ground!?

Shibuya Scramble Crossing is regarded as the most famous crossing in the world, where as many as 3,000 people cross the streets at one time, and 500,000 people a day. The crossing is also known for its appearance in Lost in Translation, a movie released in 2004. You can look over this crossing from the sky. This is the photo I took.

Well, a professional photographer can take this beautiful picture.

(c) Genki

A lot of YouTubers and Instagram users get together at Shibuya Scramble Crossing from around the world, but the trend in 2020 is to film the crossing from Shibuya Sky!

More detailed information about Shibuya Sky:

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