Chef Nooresha Kably is awarded as #3 on Top Restaurant 2019 list by Condé Nast Traveler India

Chefs Wonderland is happy to announce you that Chef Nooresha Kably, who took a course at Tokyo Sushi Academy in 2017 and International Ramen School in 2018, is awarded as #3 on Top Restaurant 2019 list by Condé Nast Traveler India.

Congratulations on the winning award to Chef Nooresha and her team at Izumi in Mumbai!

About Chef and Izumi Mumbai

After 5 years of Sushi Koi, a Sushi delivery service based out of Bandra that delivers all over Mumbai, Nooresha Kably couldn’t help herself but be drawn to Japanese food and cooking. Her quest took her to Tokyo where she spent a large part of 2017, as she joined the Tokyo Sushi Academy learning Edomae-style sushi and traditional Washoku cuisine. Tokyo induced in her a fascination for Ramen, and her curiosity then took her to Yokohama, to the International Ramen School where she learnt Kyushu-style Paitan Ramen under Sensei Makoto Tada.

In its effort to recreate the authentic Japanese experience, Izumi is particular with the culinary process. By Importing many of the ingredients from Japan, it strives to follow the more traditional cooking style closely, in contrast to the popular fusion approach adopted by most East Asian restaurants in India.

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