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January 22 2020

Private Sushi Lesson

You want to learn about authentic sushi in Japan, but your work does not allow you to enroll in a 4-week group lesson? Then, I recommend a private sushi class at Tokyo Sushi Academy! Since its founding in 2002, more than 4,000 students graduated from this most famous sushi school in Japan.

Its private class is completely customized for your needs and you can start with a 1-day, one-on-one lesson (6 hours) or design a program that cover multiple days. The private lesson is also available for a group of up to 4.

Usually, a 4-week sushi course has 10 – 18 students and proceeds in accordance with a pre-scheduled program. On the other hand, a private class only teaches items requested by the students. You can learn at your own pace, without worrying about other students’ progress.

You can ask all the questions you want till you fully understand.

Where do I take a private class?

Tokyo Sushi Academy has two schools in Tsukiji and Shinjuku. Where you take a private class depends on the availability of the classroom at either school.

Tsukiji Branch

KY Bldg 2nd floor 4-7-5 Tsukiji Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Shinjuku Branch

8-2-5 Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

When and How Long Can I Enroll?

Most people design their private classes to cover 1 to 5 days. Since there are a lot of requests for private class, we recommend that you contact the school at least 2 – 3 months before you want to enroll. It is relatively easier to take a private class in August and late December, when regular classes are not in session.

Who teaches a private class?

The instructors have extensive experience in working at restaurants and teaching both native Japanese speakers and people from abroad. They will teach you from scratch with great attention to detail. In general, the class is taught by instructors who speak English, but if they are not available, the school may provide an interpreter to translate the instructor’s Japanese into English.

Who Can Enroll?

Since it is a private class, school welcomes a wide variety of students: those who had no experience as a chef, tourists, foodies, professional sushi chefs, yacht chefs, private chefs, restaurant owners, etc.

What Can I Learn?

Most students request sushi for their private classes, but you can also learn about tempura, okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes), grilled fish, broth, and so on.

It is also possible to combine regular classes with a private class: Students in 4 weeks Sushi Course can take a one-day private class to learn about tempura or students in 5 days Japanese Cuisine Course can learn sushi for a day.

Below are the examples of private classes:

<1> Learn authentic sushi from scratch

If you have no experience in making authentic sushi, we recommend the following program.

・How to sharpen and use Japanese kitchen knives
・How to make sushi vinegar
・How to cook rice
・How to season rice with sushi vinegar
・How to slice horse mackerel and young yellowtail
・How to shape nigiri-zushi
・How to make sushi rolls

We use horse mackerel and young yellowtail. They are small and easier to slice even though you are not used to Japanese kitchen knives.

<2> Learn edomae style sushi with Anago

If you want to use ingredients only available in Japan for edomae style sushi, Anago is recommended.

・How to slice Anago
・How to make simmered sauce with Anago
・How to make sushi with Anago
・How to make tempura with Anago
・How to make rice bowl with Anago

What do I need?

You do not need to bring anything in particular. We rent Japanese kitchen knives and a uniform for your use.

How Much is the Cost?

Private class costs start at 66,000JPY (About 610USD) per 1-day, 6-hour lesson. This price includes fees for ingredients, tuition, rental Japanese kitchen knives and uniform.

Please understand that the price of ingredients may increase in some seasons and you may need to pay extra fees.

How do I contact or apply?

Feel free to contact us!

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