Fight against COVID-19! 6 Japanese Restaurants with Foreign Head Chefs

April 27th 2020

Because of the state of emergency which covered all over Japan now, we are expecting further decrease in the sales.

Operating the media Chefs Wonderland Japan that support non-Japanese chefs who want to learn about Japanese cuisine, we would like to introduce Japanese restaurants that still stay open with foreign head chefs.

As long as you take precautionary measures, including wearing a mask and washing your hands and mouth, you can help them by dining there or ordering takeout. Of course, we greatly appreciate your support for them after the pandemic settles down.

Toroniku Tsukemen Uoton

At this restaurant, Wendy-san from the Philippines serves ramen and tsukemen (dipping ramen) with broth made from seafood and pork bone. Especially, “Toroniku Tsukemen” (900JPY) is popular for its soft, marinated braised pork called “toroniku” and extra-thick noodles.

Kanda Ogawamachi Heights FL1 1-7 Kanda Ogawamachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Ramen-ya John

John-san, a Vietnamese chef/owner, came to Japan 14 years ago. It happened to be a ramen restaurant that he chose for a part-time job. Since then, he had trained at famous restaurants and opened this one.

Japanese customers love his noodles mixed with buckwheat flour and soup made from dried infant sardines without MSG.

4-1 Sekimachi-kita, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Official Twitter Website

Ramen-ya John

Asakusa Sushi Reiwa

Coming from Myanmar, the chef has been training in Japan for more than two decades. After building up his experience in the exact same setting with other Japanese sushi chefs, he became independent and opened this restaurant to challenge his skills in Asakusa in 2019.

Erica Bldg. FL2 1-21-3 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Ishiusu Soba

After leaving Bangladesh where he was born, the chef encountered soba (buckwheat noodles) in 1996, when he was studying at college in Japan. Having self-taught and then trained at soba restaurants, he opened his restaurant in Zushi, Kanagawa. He single-handedly purchases ingredients, prepares them and makes noodles. The restaurant is highly popular among local soba aficionados.

1-1-31, Yamanone, Zushi-shi, Kanagawa

Ishiusu Soba Zushi

(A image from public relation office, government of Japan)


The chef came from Guatemala and opened this restaurant in Hiroshima, the mecca of okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) after training at a prestigious restaurant named Hassho. Original toppings such as jalapeno are well reviewed by Japanese customers.

1-7-13 Kusunoki-cho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima
Official Facebook Page

(A image from Lopez Facebook Page)

Yakitori Kaede

The restaurant run by a Canadian chef/owner serves exquisite yakitori (grilled skewered chicken) cooked with Kishu Binchotan (high-quality charcoal made in the Kishu region). When the Rugby World Cup was held last year, I heard coaches of the Canada national team visited the restaurant. It seems to be closed till April 30 to avoid spreading COVID-19 for the safety of customers and the stuff, so please consider visiting after May.

LHASA Bldg. FL1 1-6-42 Funai-machi, Oita
Official Instagram Page

(A image from Yakitori Kaede Instagram Page)

The restaurant may be open for shorter hours or temporarily closed due to the situations surrounding COVID-19. Please check if it is open before you visit.

Your support for the non-Japanese head chefs who are fighting in Japan will be greatly appreciated!

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