Japanese grocery stores and ingredient suppliers in Spain

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How many Japanese restaurants in Spain?

According to Tripadvisor, there are about 700 Japanese restaurants in Spain as of January 2020.

*8,724 Japanese live in Spain, as of 2018.

Japanese Grocery Stores and Food Suppliers

Japanese grocery stores and food suppliers

〇Cominport Distribucion
Madrid, Barcelona, and Alicante

〇Salvioni & Alomar
Calle Marqués de Cubas 6, 5 izq., 28014 Madrid, España

-Sede Madrid
Avda Presidente Carmona, 9

-Sede Barcerona
C/ Balmes, 197

〇Tofu Catalan
C/Aribau 119 08036 Barcelona

〇Hankuk Gourmet Coreana
Carrer del Marquès de Sentmenat, 91, 08029 Barcelona

〇Dong Fang 
Carrer de Balmes, 6, 8, 08007 Barcelona

〇Yang Kuang Supermercados
Passeig de Sant Joan, 12, 14, 08010 Barcelona

〇Oriental Foods
Carrer de Nàpols, 177, 08013 Barcelona

〇Supermercado Oriental
Rambla de Badal, 190, 08028 Barcelona

Study and Work in Japan to learn Japanese cuisine

3,493 Spanish people live in Japan and 118,901 visited to Japan in 2018.

Study in Japan

4weeks Sushi Course at Tokyo Sushi Academy

If you have a passport issued by Spain which have visa exemption arrangements with Japan, your are NOT required to obtain visas to enter Japan. The period of stay granted at the time of the landing permission will be 3-month.

Many schools admit students all year round for a variety of classes(e.g. sushi, ramen, yakitori, tempura and more) ranging from a one-day private lesson to a 3-month course.  You are able to stay in Japan and participate a course at culinary schools within 3-month without visa. Course will be held in English and Japanese language is NOT required.

If you want to stay more than 3-month to study, you are required to obtain student visa or cultural activity visa.

To know more about culinary schools in Japan

Work in Japan

Work in Japan from South Africa

To work as a chef in Japan, there are three major requirements: the first is a visa to work legally, the second is Japanese language ability, and the third is skill as a chef. When it comes to Japanese language skills, daily conversation is the basic minimum required. this is roughly the equivalent of 300 hours of Japanese study required at least.

if you are a chef with a specialty (i.e. a Spanish chef who works at a Spanish restaurant), 10-years of specialty cooking experience may get your visa approved. In this case, there is no requirement of Japanese language fluency.

To know more about chef visa in Japan

Working Holiday in Japan

Working Holiday Visa in Japan

You need to have a passport issued by Spain and the working holiday visa is issued for 18- to 30-year-olds in general, whether you work full-time or part-time, and valid for a year. This type of visa is issued to 500 Spanish people per year.

Many people work with a working holiday visa in such areas as Niseko and Hakuba, since they are frequented by European tourists and the kitchen staff may not be required to speak Japanese fluently.

To know more, please check this website Working Holiday Visa in Japan.

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